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Football Strength Programs

"The only thing you are owed is an opportunity, what you do with it is up to you!"
~Coach P.

Welcome to Iron 4 Gridiron!!!

    My Name is Coach P and I have been a college football coach and strength and conditioning coach for 15 years.  I would like to offer a service to you in order to save you a considerable amount of time building a strength program for your athletes.  What your team gets done in the off-season is a direct influence to your success during the upcoming season.  I will set up individual programs for each of your athletes in a number of different ways.  In one conversation about your program and the facilities I will develop an optimal strength program for your team.

    I have an old school mentality to grind it out in the weight room.  I don't get distracted by all the fancy new ideas that everyone has in attempt to reinvent the wheel.  Everything is based off the core work of squats, bench press, power cleans, and auxiliary lifts to compliment them.  I have had great success with this philosophy.  It is normal for my athletes to gain up to 100lbs on their bench, over 200 lbs. on their squat and close to 100 pounds on their power cleans during one off-season.  The result of more lean muscle mass and less body fat has had a great effect.  I have worked predominately with three day lifts and now use a four day split.  Both systems have worked great and would give you some options of what you are capable of in your football program.

    My philosophy and workout programs will work with you to demand the intensity that is needed in our young athletes.  As coaches we have to instill the desire and intensity into our players and there is no better way than doing it during the off-season.  The more they put in, the more work they do, the more it means to them.  As you know most athletes today have the mentality that they are owed something. They are only owed the opportunity.  It is up to the athlete individually on how hard they work for it and it is up to you as a coach to put the demands and discipline on them to show them they can succeed.  

    Having a successful strength program developed for you will save you a lot of time and energy.  It is easy to follow and set up based upon your facilities.  After a simple equipment checklist and your time frame for lifting days, I will do the rest.

    I guarantee you will have peace of mind and your athletes will experience great results! 

"The program itself exceeded all my expectations.  Increasing my bench and incline max's 50 to 60 pounds in 6 weeks is fantastic."

~Bob Casey (Offensive Coordinator)

"I have been consistently working out and lifting weights for the past five years and haven't had as big of gains or body fitness as I have had in the last 3 months working with Coach P's program."

~Kyle McMillin (TE Portland State)

"I like Coach P's workout plan because of the structure.  The different phases has allowed me to build my strength up in a short time.  From barely putting up 225lbs on my bench to warming with 225lbs now."

~Jon Breland (Linebacker)

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